A small but precise tool sharpening service.

      The services involved are complex and need your choosing or our explanations. There are many type of edges and

materials used. Depending on your type of  your work and your material. Perfection is a choice in working with work tools like knifes or blades.

        Poultry cutting is an example and  fabric cutting is an example of different approaches used in my tools I use.. Please consider

what you need and what you expect and give me an idea of cost that you plan. Mostly what is expensive

is what everyone considers expensive. That is time involved and outcome expected. What can happen is if I have time to

help you my charge may actually my be lower. Thank you in advance. You will stay sharp here.

Our Services

Customer Expectations are a goal for us

your happiness with the job we do for you is a goal in making your jobs that way to your customers.